Our customized on-site training programs are a cost-effective way to train employees on your schedule. Training on-site minimizes the cost-per-participant, reduces travel expenses, and ensures that the content is specific to your exact needs.


Training Programs

Leadership Training
Lean Six Sigma Training (White, Yellow, Green and Black Belt)
Value Stream Management
Project Management
Team Building Training
Health and Safety Training
Management Training

Benefits of Training

Increase Productivity
Retain Your People
Nurture Future Leaders
Increase Employee Engagement
Implement An Effective Leadership Style
Make Better Business Decisions


Value Stream Management Program (VSM)

The Value Stream Manager within our customized value stream management project the Value Stream Manager will learn how to increase the ratio of value to non-value by eliminating waste in overall supply change by deploying lean methodologies. Practicing value stream management builds a customer-focused and continuous improvement culture.

Benefits of VSM Program

When you start to implement practices from Value Stream Management the benefits will start to flow into the overall organization. The practice of consistently gathering data allows you to track performance over time and make your pipeline efficient.

VSM Program Details

  • Effective Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Motivating your Employees
  • Team Building
  • Art of Delegation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Art of Negotiation
  • Managing Performance
  • Selection & Retention of Talent
  • Time Management
  • Persuasive & Effective Communication
  • Managing Across Cultures
  • Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Defining Problems and Projects
  • Facilitation Skills for Lean
  • Process Thinking & Mapping
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Analyzing for Root Cause
  • Improving Process & Control
  • Introduction to Lean
  • Lean Tools & Concepts
  • Lean Organization
  • Building a VSM

Lean Six Sigma Training

Employees will be introduced to Lean Six Sigma methodologies and will be coached in deployment of these methodologies to bring improvement and efficiencies in the area of Quality, Production and Product development.

White Belt Training

The Six Sigma White Belt course is an Introduction to lean six sigma philosophy, methodology, tools, roles and terminology. In this course candidates will be introduced to basic fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma and also why organizations need to change to survive.

Yellow Belt Training

The Six Sigma Yellow Belt course is an introduction to some of the basic fundamental tools of Lean Six Sigma.  The candidates are introduced to 5S, basic process mapping and seven wastes in a process and the benefits of Visual Management.

Green Belt Training

This Six Sigma Green Belt course is comprised of 11 separate sessions. Green Belt training focuses on how to lead a process improvement initiative using structured Lean Six Sigma methodology, engagement of people. Concepts of process thinking and design, lean thinking, data collection and analysis, and change management are explained. After the competition of this course candidates will become proficient in all of the analytical tools necessary to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control Six Sigma improvement projects.

Many of the lessons include interactive practice exercises.

Black Belt Training

This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course builds on the DMAIC methodology and focuses on introducing the tools required to lead complex and multifunctional process improvement or process design projects.  It provides the candidates with the necessary tools required to manage projects using a roadmap that encompasses change management and the ability to identify and optimize the key factors that are linked to the customer’s needs in a process or product.  After the completion of this course the candidate will be able to analyze data and information to demonstrate and prove the way forward by achieving successful breakthroughs in environments where resistance is a challenge.

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